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11yr +

Propel kids to their next level of coding skills

The award-winning Cue robot is designed for kids who have an interest in coding. Cue will help them transition from block-based code to state-machine and text-based programming.

Empower independence and individuality

With a growing library of in-app demos, tutorial, and challenges, Cue supports kids’ self-guided exploration of programming languages, robotic capabilities, and personally meaningful projects.

Embrace applied robotics in the real world

Cue’s motors and sensors work together seamlessly to provide accurate and versatile behavior while reacting in real time to its surroundings, inspiring kids to build problem-solving skills through coding, engineering, and design.


"We received a grant to purchase two Cue's for our STEM club. They are a hit! The students are so engaged that we are working on getting funding for a few more so we can make small groups to accommodate the entire club. It's been fun and educational... the best way to teach.“

Michael W

"Cue is the perfect robot for kids familiar with coding and robotics. My oldest daughter is 11-years old and she has been part of the robotics team for the past 3 years. She is intrigued by coding and robotics so this is the perfect robot for her. Not only is it fun and super sleek looking, but it also stimulates her mind and challenges her in new ways that can help her increase her coding skills, which I hope will help her in her future career.“

Laura O

"The new Cue Robot successfully engaged all the humans in our household from ages 5-pushing 40! Although the recommended user age is 11+ our 8 yr old kiddo was able to complete the set-up process with ease. Feedback from the little people: it's fun, the chat function is super cool, the different voices are entertaining & it makes them want to learn more about coding. Feedback from the parental units: caught the kids attention immediately, fosters a curiosity for coding at an early age, provides hands-on learning that is play-based & builds a foundation of basic coding skills.“

Allison F

Verified Customer

"We have five kids: four boys ranging from 7-13 years old and one 4-year-old girl and EVERYONE can get in on the action! All the kids, including our preschooler, love driving Cue around the house using the phone app and the older kids are enjoying the coding and programming functions more and more. Our kids have done some coding in Scratch and Java but it's GREAT for them to be able to see a real robot act their programs out in the physical world.“

Ryan and Patty M.

Premium design matched by performance

Real-time Bluetooth

Fast, easy Connections to Apple iOS, Android and Kindle mobile devices

User Programmable LED’s and Buttons

Customize your experience with Dash

3x Microphones & Speakers

Real-time voice triangulation and personalized recording and playback.

IR Receivers & Transmitters

Enables Dash to find and interact with other robots

3 Processors & Sensor Fusion

Manages complex intereactions among actuators & Sensors - accelerometer, gyroscope and wheel encoders

Potentiometers & Dual Motors

Supports head pan and tilt with accurate positioning

2 Powered Wheels

Quick nagiation and distance tracking on nearly any surface.

3 Proximity Sensors

Detects objects left, right, and back

An all-in-one app

Built on Microsoft’s MakeCode platform, the Cue app gives kids the autonomy to choose from one of four personalities, plus explore multiple programming languages.


Send and receive text messages with Cue to discover each avatar’s personality. Snappy answers, crazy memes, and jokes will keep you coming back for more.


Push the limits of Cue in this freestyle mode by grouping commands and sensor input to create lifelike behaviors.


Want to level up your skills? Easily toggle between block and JavaScript programming to challenge your imagination with Cue.


Code creative interactions using Block-based coding at the skill level that’s right for your skill level.

Inspire imaginations further.

Cue is loaded with 40 challenges to keep kids engaged for hours on end, but let’s

sketch kit

Calling all builders!

Express creativity and exercise critical-thinking skills by programming the robot to bring code to the canvas by drawing geometric shapes, designs, and words with precision.


sketch kit


Create unique attachments or design one-of-a-kind costumes with Building Brick Connectors, compatible with LEGO®.


Explore standards-based lesson plans and activities

Find implementation tips and tricks to weave computer science principles throughout your teaching with our turnkey activities and lesson plans, designed to designed to meet CSTA, ISTE-S, and Common Core State Standards and aligned to Code.org’s Computer Science Fundamentals courses and Computer Science Discovery series.

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