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5 Inspiring Teachers to Watch

Beyond #TeacherAppreciationWeek 2018 When I was 10 years old, my father gave me a quote that he cut out of …

Darri Stephens

05 18, 2018

5 WONDER-ful Ways to Reward Teachers

Teacher Appreciation Week 2018 Today marks the first day of #TeacherAppreciationWeek 2018! And while we love our dedicated teachers all …

Darri Stephens

05 07, 2018

8 Ways to Fall in Love with Dash, Dot, and Cue (Again!)

Wonder Workshop’s CleverBots — Programmed for Love Can you feel the love in the air? ’Tis the season! And robots are definitely …

Darri Stephens

02 09, 2018

Some Say Stubbornness, I Say Perseverance

WONDERful Advice from our WW Guest Blogger — Tom How, Istanbul, Turkey The shipment finally arrived! Hi, my name is Tom How (aka …


09 28, 2017

What Robotics Means to Me

by Camryn Ihrke of the Pink Eagles Pink Eagles (from left to right) – Camryn, Amber, Sidney, Olivia and Jaley As …

Frank Tappen

09 13, 2017

Robotics Helped Me Become Who I Am Today

by Sidney and Stephanie Sidney and Stephanie When I first started robotics, I really had no idea what it was, …

Frank Tappen

09 13, 2017

5 Lessons My Kids Have Taught Me About Coaching Robotics

by Frank Tappen Recently, I had an opportunity to recruit some new kids to our community-based robotics team. As I …

Frank Tappen

09 12, 2017

Making Your Classroom Robotics Ready

WONDERful Advice from a WW Guest Blogger It’s that time of year again — the beginning of a new school year. It’s …

Katie Chirhart

08 04, 2017

Empowering Students to be Technology Leaders — “Techsperts!”

WONDERful Advice from our WW Guest Blogger It’s no secret that students often know how to utilize technology better than …

Amanda Magalhaes

08 02, 2017

Announcing the Winners of the 2016–17 Wonder League Robotics Competition!

We’ve been blown away this year by the ingenuity, teamwork, and most of all grit in the 2nd annual Wonder League Robotics Competition! …

June Lin

03 21, 2017