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What Can You Do with a Box?

How to Cultivate a Maker Mindset with Coding & Robotics Mommy friends of mine often say that their little kids …


07 16, 2018

STEAM Summer Reading List

RECENTLY UPDATED: Books for readers of all ages! Summer is a great time to unwind with some reading. Whether in …

Darri Stephens

06 04, 2018

Top Ten Teams & $5,000 STEM Grant Winners Announced!

Wonder League Robotics Competitions 2017–2018 10–9–8–7–6–5–4–3–2–1 — BLASTOFF! Our FBLive announcement of the Top Ten Teams on May 23rd. www.facebook.com/teachwonderWe are so …

Darri Stephens

05 23, 2018

5 Inspiring Teachers to Watch

Beyond #TeacherAppreciationWeek 2018 When I was 10 years old, my father gave me a quote that he cut out of …

Darri Stephens

05 18, 2018

5 WONDER-ful Ways to Reward Teachers

Teacher Appreciation Week 2018 Today marks the first day of #TeacherAppreciationWeek 2018! And while we love our dedicated teachers all …

Darri Stephens

05 07, 2018

8 Ways to Fall in Love with Dash, Dot, and Cue (Again!)

Wonder Workshop’s CleverBots — Programmed for Love Can you feel the love in the air? ’Tis the season! And robots are definitely …

Darri Stephens

02 09, 2018

Coding is Elementary!

Java, Ruby, Python … If you had asked me four years ago to name a coding language, I would have been …

Kara Bunkelman

12 06, 2017

Acquiring Funding and Sponsors for WLRC Teams

Hello, everyone! My name is Chris Grebe. I am a volunteer coach for two Wonder League teams at our local …

Chris Grebe

11 14, 2017

Some Say Stubbornness, I Say Perseverance

WONDERful Advice from our WW Guest Blogger — Tom How, Istanbul, Turkey The shipment finally arrived! Hi, my name is Tom How (aka …


09 28, 2017

What Robotics Means to Me

by Camryn Ihrke of the Pink Eagles Pink Eagles (from left to right) – Camryn, Amber, Sidney, Olivia and Jaley As …

Frank Tappen

09 13, 2017

Robotics Helped Me Become Who I Am Today

by Sidney and Stephanie Sidney and Stephanie When I first started robotics, I really had no idea what it was, …

Frank Tappen

09 13, 2017

5 Lessons My Kids Have Taught Me About Coaching Robotics

by Frank Tappen Recently, I had an opportunity to recruit some new kids to our community-based robotics team. As I …

Frank Tappen

09 12, 2017

Making Your Classroom Robotics Ready

WONDERful Advice from a WW Guest Blogger It’s that time of year again — the beginning of a new school year. It’s …

Katie Chirhart

08 04, 2017

Empowering Students to be Technology Leaders — “Techsperts!”

WONDERful Advice from our WW Guest Blogger It’s no secret that students often know how to utilize technology better than …

Amanda Magalhaes

08 02, 2017